Success Stories

Women Just Like You Smashing Fitness Goals with Ease

Here we spotlight the incredible women of all shapes and backgrounds crushing their fitness goals under the expert guidance of Coach Amber.

These tales shine a light on Coach Amber's down-to-earth and practical fitness approach, perfect for busy moms feeling the workout overwhelm.

These success stories prove that you don't need extreme sweat sessions or crash diets. Her secret sauce? Slowly building habits that stick for the long haul, making fitness doable and less scary for moms, ensuring lasting results.

Scroll through as women spill the beans on their physical, mental, and emotional transformations, showing how Coach Amber's program works like a charm. These stories shout out loud about a fitness plan that gets moms, respects their crazy lives, and focuses on steady progress over quick fixes.

"After Four Kids I Fit in My Wedding Dress Again"

After a decade of juggling kids and chaos, a supermom set her sights on a magical mission: to zip up her wedding dress! With a plan, hard work and dedication, she transformed her lifestyle. Not only did she rock that gown again, but she also reignited the spark of her special day. Her epic dress victory was a living legend of determination, showing that fitness dreams can come true. Her radiant success didn't just light up her world but also inspired her little ones and her loving husband.

Under Eating is Not The Answer

After living in a caloric deficit for four years, she came to me frustrated and confused wondering why she was bloated and not seeing the results she was looking for. We started increasing her calories to build her back up to eating enough food for her body. Her workouts got better, she started lifting even more weight than she was and her muscles started carving out and she realized that less calories isn't always better. Eating enough food to fuel our bodies is always the answer!

41 Inches Gone in 6 Months & a New Found Self Worth

"I have started and stopped many things in my life to help with my health. Doing things on my own willpower have never turned out that great; it never worked and I never stuck with it. When I realized I was wallering in my own situations going on, I had to find something to do for myself. I reached out to Amber and had a conversation with her about where I've been and why I was at this point. What Amber has done for me is she has reminded me that I am more than I realize. I am more than the negative thoughts in my head tell me. I am more than a number, I'm more than a scale, I'm more than a dumbbell. I'm more than whatever it is that I'm working on. I'm more than the Dr. Peppers that I love that I can still have! We set non-victory goals for me such as getting up out of the floor by myself, wearing shorts, being able to cross my legs and wearing short sleeves. She has me doing a jar of marbles where every victory that I have, both scale and non scale I put a marble in so I can see my progress. She boosts more than my confidence, she boost my understanding of my own abilities. While I may think something is small, I have come to realize, those something smalls add up to something big."