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MEET AMBER - Founder, Trainer/Coach

Hey gal!

My name is Amber George and I am a certified personal trainer and certified nutrition coach who started Amber George Fitness & Lifesetyle® in 2017 (formerly known as Pounding Pavement with Amber & Be Fearlessly Fit).

Since then, I have had the awesome privilege of personally serving 100s of women and reaching over 100,000 people through my website because I firmly believe in helping women lose the obsession with the scale and help them become as strong and as fit as possible.

I have spent countless hours studying the human body and how the muscles move and connect with each other and continuing my education to better serve you and make garage gym fitness as simple and as straight forward as possible.

If you’re reading this, I would be willing to place a bet that your overall fitness is important to you. Not only that, but you also sometimes secretly struggle a bit to not compare yourself to others. Plus, you’ve been struggling with the way you look, too right? You (and me too!) grew up in an era where bone thin models and celebrities graced the pages of glossy magazines and that image of ‘beauty’ is engrained in our brains.

Yes, I totally said magazines. Because when I was a teenager, we didn’t have social media. We had glossy magazines with women that didn’t seem real and totally unrealistic body goals.

It is my belief and my ultimate goal to help you achieve your fittest self from the comfort of your garage. Because you don’t need fancy gym equipment or a gym membership to sculpt your body into a strong and fit woman who doesn’t have body image issues anymore.

Stick with me and I’ll take the guesswork out of your fit journey

My Fitness Licenses

  • Certified Personal Trainer through ACE
  • Certified Personal Trainer through Clean Health Fitness Institute
  • Certified Behavior Change Specialist through ACE
  • RRCA Certified Run Coach

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