Walker to Marathoner

Ready to go from a walker to a runner? With my beginner to intermediate runners in mind, this book was written because of the questions often asked about going from walking to running.

This eBook is a step by step guide on how to go from a walker to a runner. Not just a runner, but a distance runner should you choose. You’ll learn how to breathe, properly stride on all road terrain, identify the weird ‘runner aches and pains’ (plus know when to go to the doc since I’m definitely not a doctor!), how to properly fuel for your new habit, and how to actually fall in love with a sport that is often used in other sports as ‘punishment’.

Learning how to become a runner in a bite sized process that isn’t scary nor overwhelming and you’ll realize, “hey, I really can do this.” Ready to take the next step in your fitness journey? Say goodbye to walking and hello to running with my WALKER TO MARATHONER EBOOK & TRAINING PLAN.

This guide is perfect for beginner to intermediate runners, answering all your questions and taking you from a walker to a distance runner.

Learn how to breathe, stride properly on any terrain, and identify those "runner aches and pains" (although I'm definitely not a doctor, so seek medical advice if needed!). Plus, I'll show you how to fuel your new habit and actually ENJOY running - no more using it as punishment in other sports. With this easy-to-follow process, you'll see that becoming a runner is not only doable, but fun!


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  • 38 Week running program and eBook designed with beginner to intermediate runners in mind
  • Perfect for those who are doing a walk run method or have never run a day in their life
  • Designed to help you take this process one step at a time
  • Interval runs and tempo runs included in the training plan
  • Can purchase only the eBook, only the training plan, or the combination of the two. Combining the two is recommended!
  • *Please note – this product is non-refundable