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Update to this product in progress!  Will release April 25, 2024! Hop on the email list to know when it drops!

Previously the Strong & Fit Mama Method. No other fitness program is designed to help you take control of your schedule, get a handle on the inner voice telling you you’ll never reach your goals, plan your meals, know exactly how much to eat specifically for YOU, and CRUSH your fitness goals, all in the same place. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a work outside the home mom, a working professional, a motivated college student, or even a small business owner, the Strong and Fit Mama Program is designed to help you have no more false starts in your fitness journey.

Your fit life is closer than you think, and the Strong and Fit Mama Program is designed to empower you to make it happen and all from a Christian perspective.

It will inspire and enable you to take back your time in a purposeful way, allowing you to focus on your long-term goals while navigating the daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities of your daily life. From working out to meal-planning, it is the tool designed with the single purpose of helping you get started to create a healthy and fit life that you love.


  • 12 week all encompassing program to the fit mama life from a Christian perspective (can be done at your own pace too!)
  • Perfect for those who are busy, overwhelmed, and feel like they have “tried it all”
  • Designed to help you take this process one step at a time to learn new habits for lasting results
  • Workouts can be done in 30 minutes or less with minimal equipment – dumbbells and booty bands are what is needed!
  • If you purchase this product and realize it’s not for you, send an email to within 14 days of purchase for a full refund


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