Beginner Weight Training – 30 Day Complete Gym Fitness Program


I’ve gotten some feedback from readers that are beginners in regards to fitness and healthy living saying that they can’t find a good weight training program that is actually beginner level. A program where the exercises not only are conducive to yielding desired results, but that are minimal risk for injury.

Look no further, mama. This full beginner fitness program is exactly that. The exercises are not only perfect for gym beginners, it also teaches you how to figure target calories that are specific to you.

As you’re working through this program, you’ll see that it’s not your mama’s fitness program plan. I give you the exact reps, exercises and rounds to do each day and in what order with rest time and days built in. Not only that, it gives step by step guide on how to figure your target calories specific to your body. It teaches you how to be able to eat what you love while still yielding results.

You can try to piece together random workout plans from around the web or you can have a month long fitness program from a nationally known personal trainer for less than it is to take a family of 4 to dinner. Remember that you can have all the information in the world but to get results it needs to be in the right order!

What are you waiting for? Your first steps towards reaching your desired fitness goals, whether it’s to get stronger or to lose unwanted weight are going to be right at your finger tips. With the full program and videos of each of the exercises that are in the program, you will be ready to make your way towards your goals.

You can click here for success stories of just a few of my clients and readers plus a video of an interview that I have done regarding what my business is about.

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  • Weight Training, Beginner – 30 Day Full Gym Fitness Program
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  • Purchase of this product means the athlete agrees to the terms and conditions of AGFL
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